Gill Greatorex

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I am driven with a desire to expunge the world of waste in every form and turn it into something beautiful. Plastic clinging to trees and hedges, graphically traumatised squashed cans beside the road, sweetie wrappers glistening beguilingly after the chocolate has long gone. All my life I have hoarded just about everything. I believe you can tell the age of the hoarder by counting the species of detritus in their cupboards and shelves. Oddments in our lives come and go like the rising and falling of the tide. Some find uses, but most wait for their moment …………. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Resplendent display, Responsible disposal – each piece has its day! My ultimate mission is to make jewel-encrusted dog poo so desirable that it is never left anywhere.

In 2005 I founded the Bishopsteignton Outdoor Art group (BOAG) to make art out of found waste and sustainable materials, and to have fun in the process. Every year we make a significant piece for TRAIL (Teignmouth Recycled Art In Landscape) and an annual fun Christmas trail round our village. Strangely people seem to like our work.

Gill Greatorex 01626 779628
Bishopsteignton Outdoor Art Group (BOAG)