Jan O'Highway

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After training in figurative painting, printmaking, and calligraphy at Guildford School of Art, UK, my practice broadened into other areas, primarily ceramic mosaic, environmental art and digital printmaking, and nowadays fused glass.

Since becoming enchanted some 15 years or so ago with the new medium of scanner-photography, I've made many scanner-studies of plants and flowers, responding to their beauty not only in their prime but also in the process of decay.
When artificial products such as plastic toys are placed amongst natural materials on the scanner, the result implies a narrative or fable…..I hope these images will stimulate awareness of the importance of plants to the health of our biosphere.

I teach mosaics & ceramics at my Harberton studio, run occasional community educational projects, and am a member of a number of Artist-led groups: British Association of Modern Mosaics, Catalyst in Portsmouth, Teignbridge’s T.R.A.I.L, Transition Town Totnes Arts Network, and the Westcountry Potters Association.